February 11, 2021
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An open letter to our fans and our community,

This past year has been a year like no other. We have been forced to change our way of life and make personal sacrifices in the interest of public health and to protect ourselves and each other. Many Canadians have faced personal loss and are grieving while many more are coping with extended periods of isolation and the impact on their mental wellbeing.  

At the same time, we are confronting the harsh realities that the pandemic underscores - the compounding effects of systemic racism, prejudice and discrimination and the disproportionate impact experienced in our Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities.

For many years, MLSE’s mission has been “Bringing the world to its feet” and the social justice movement of the past ten months has only reinforced to our entire organization that bringing people together is needed now more than ever. MLSE and our teams take immense pride in representing our great city, our community and every fan – no matter their ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability or socio-economic status, to name a few. That pride in representing our city and our fans, also brings great responsibility to lead and to inspire positive and enduring social change.

Our entire organization – from ownership, management, team leadership and players, and every employee – is fully committed to that responsibility.

Included with this letter is MLSE’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion commitment to address systemic racism and to advance social justice. It is our promise to our community, to our fans, to our partners and to our employees. We know that changing attitudes will require a spectrum of actions and our collective commitment to speak up and not watch on the sidelines as these structural disparities persist. We will invest in the potential of all individuals to build a more inclusive and resilient future and believe that the possibilities that follow will be game changing.  

Thank you for being with us on this journey and for your support to help ensure that every single person in our community knows that they are valued and included.

Yours truly,

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Michael Friisdahl
President and CEO

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Teri Dennis-Davies
Senior Vice President, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion